Safety information for CNG customers

Dos and Don’ts for CNG customers at CNG station – 


  1. Always ensure that installing / servicing the CNG kit is done through authorized workshop. 
  2. Hydro testing of CNG cylinder must be done every three years. 
  3. Get the vehicle thoroughly checked by an authorized workshop every year. 
  4. Always keep the certificate of CNG kit and cylinder. 
  5. Keep a portable fire extinguisher and first aid box in the vehicle. 
  6. Follow the safety rules while filling and driving the vehicle. 
  7. Be alert for any emergency.

X Dont’s: 

  1. Do not install LPG, Propane or any other cylinder in place of a CNG cylinder. 
  2. Do not start the vehicle while the filling is under progress. 
  3. Do not use mobile phones near CNG filling area. 
  4. Do not use any naked flame near CNG filling area.

Safety instruction for CNG customers 

  1. Fit & Repair the CNG kit from accredited workshop only. 
  2. Get the CNG kit checked every year from a recognized workshop and hydro test the cylinder every three years. Get the compliance plate from the work shop & fit it near the filing point. Always carry the certificates along with the vehicle. 
  3. Stop the engine and remove the key from the vehicle . All the passengers including the driver must get down from the vehicle prior to filling of CNG. 
  4. Keep the wiring of the vehicle in a good condition and do not use open wires. Battery terminal must be covered prior to filling of CNG. Do not keep the terminals loose and cover it with insulation tape. 
  5. Do not start the vehicle during any leakage of gas and take the vehicle to a safe location by pushing the vehicle. Then close the cylinder valve to stop the gas leakage. 
  6. It is prohibited to use open flames like match box etc. & to smoke in the CNG station area. 
  7. It is prohibited to use mobile phones in the CNG station area. Please keep the mobile phones off in the CNG station area. 
  8. Do not spread rumors during any emergency and follow the instructions of the CNG station staff. 
  9. Keep patience during emergency & keep yourself away from the emergency area. Always follow the safety & security rules.