What is Natural Gas?

  • Naturally occurring mixture of Hydrocarbons & Non Hydrocarbons found in porous formation beneath the earth surface often in association with crude petroleum 
  • Mixture of C1 to C7 hydrocarbons, mainly CH4 (Methane) 
  • Environment friendly fuel (Contains no lead / very less Sulphur)
  • At atmospheric pressure and temperature, natural gas is lighter than air. The density (at 20 degree) C of Air =1.2 kg/m3 Natural gas = 0.65 kg/m3 LPG = 1.8 kg/m3 . 
  • Very good combustion properties - suitable for various applications.
  • Natural gas is colorless, tasteless and non-toxic (but Asphyxiate) 
  • Natural gas has no odor of its own, it is odorless. 
  • Flash point: -188 degree celcius, Auto Ignition Temperature: 540 degree celcius


NEED                                         : Natural Gas is colourless & Odourless Substance
SOLUTION                                : Addition of Odourant of pungent smell.
ROLE                                         : Warning Agent in the event of Leakage. 
PREVIOUS ODOURANT          : Ethyl Mercaptan 
PRESENT ODOURANT            : Spot leak  T- butyl mercaptan