HPOIL Gas Private Limited (HOGPL) is a Joint Venture company of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) and Oil India Limited (OIL). It has received an authorization from PNGRB to lay, build and operate City Gas Distribution network in Ambala-Kurukshetra and Kolhapur, respectively.

HOGPL is in the process of supplying Piped Natural Gas (PNG) to domestic, commercial and Industrial consumers and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to automobiles in Ambala-Kurukshetra and Kolhapur District.

Joint venture signed on:

11th July 2018

Incorporation date:

30th November, 2018

Authorized Share Capital:

Rs. 192,00,00,000/- (Rs. 192 Crores)

PNGRB has Authorized HOGPL for City Gas Distribution Projects at :

Ambala-Kurukshetra GA and Kolhapur GA