PNG Benefits


  1. Uninterrupted supply

    PNG offers the continuous and adequate supply of gas at all times, without any problems of storing gas in cylinders.

  2. Convenience

    Gas is continuously fed into the system so there are no hassles of refilling / changing the cylinder; it is piped and does not require any space to store, hence handling is easy, safe and secure.

  3. Safety:

    PNG being lighter than air disperses easily and avoids spontaneous flammability. On leakage, LPG expands 250 times, which is not the case with PNG.

  4. Billing

    The user is charged only for the amount of PNG used, and no pilferage is possible with PNG as the billing is done according to the meter. A unique feature is that the user gets to pay only after consumption of gas.

  5. Lower maintenance cost

    With PNG, soot or ash accumulation and greasy spillages are absent from your appliance. Maintenance costs are, thus, driven down.

  6. Customer Support:

    24 *7 customer support is available, which are managed from control rooms & trained by technicians.