CNG Overview:

Compressed natural gas, or CNG which mainly composed of methane (CH4 ) is natural gas under pressure which remains clear, odourless, and non-corrosive – and can be used as a cheaper, greener, and more efficient alternative to the traditional petrol and diesel fuels for vehicles.

CNG is compressed up to 200 bar pressure to reduce it volume for maximum accommodation in fuel tank of vehicle

HPOIL Gas Pvt Ltd (HOGPL) started supply of CNG to Ambala – Kurukshetra &Kolhapur in 2019.HOGPL has been planning to supplyCNG to more than 65 CNGoutlets in Ambala- Kurukshetra & 55 CNG outlets in Kolhapur which are growing in number by the day. Through its network of CNG Stations, HOGPLwill covering all Passengercars, Postal vans, Public Transport in Kolhapur as well as Ambala- Kurukshetra