CNG Benefits

  1. Environment Friendly: Compressed natural gas (CNG) is one of the cleanest burning transportation fuels on the market today. CNG burns cleaner than petroleum-based products because of its lower carbon content. CNG produces the fewest emissions of all other fuels and contains significantly less pollutants than conventional liquid fuels. CNG produces 20-30% fewer greenhouse gas emissions and 95% fewer tailpipe emissions than petroleum products. And because CNG fuel systems are completely sealed, CNG vehicles produce no evaporative emissions.

  2. Financial Benefits: Cheaper than conventional fuel.Payback period is short (around 3 - 4 Years) for CNG cylinder.

  3. Safety: CNGhas a high auto-ignition temperature (540 degrees centigrade) and a narrow range (5%-15%) of in flammability. Hence CNG is less likely to auto-ignite on hot surfaces.CNG fuel systems are sealed, preventing fuel losses from spills or evaporation.

  4. Filling Stations: HOGPL will covers nears around 65 CNG filling stations in Kolhapur & nearly 55 CNG stations in Ambala- Kurukshetra. Hence It can be easily available in respective areas.