We let you be a ‘Dreamer & Shaper’
We give you opportunity to get ‘Passionately Engaged’

HPOIL Gas is a City Gas provider touching lives of people through innovative technology enhancing stakeholder’s value. 
Ours is a young and vibrant organisation with youthful and enthusiastic team which strives to accomplish the organisations shared vision.  This is made possible because ‘Power of Belief’ and ‘Die Hard’ attitude resides in our DNA. People are the life line of our organisation.  We believe that people are our true assets and ultimate driving force of Company. 
We have created an organisation culture which encourages you to give wings to your ideas by your wisdom and the work you do. Each one of us is committed to channelize our efforts for improving the life of our customers and communities around us.
In our quest to excel and attain the organisation growth; we give impetus to holistic competence development. We endeavour to facilitate learning environment and open work culture that keeps the zeal to perform alive and enables shaping career.
We assure you a great place to work with inspiring ‘Leadership’ and ‘Colleagues’.
If you want to feel proud about what you do and make others feel proud of you; then this is the right place for you.